George D. Wilson - Missionary Sweden
George D. Wilson
Missionary To Northern Sweden
Serving In Gunnarn, Sweden
Google Earth Co-ordinates    N65 deg 00 min 44.7 sec
                                            E17 deg 41 min 38.6 sec
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Skype Name: gdwilson99
Sweden Phones: home 46-951-40044 cell 46-073-0259343
USA Phone: cell 410-714-2406
USA Address: 1020 Loch Vail Drive (Apt 25)
Apopka, Florida 32712 USA
Contact Person USA: Doug Wilson cell 321-246-4619
For Support Send To: Calvary Baptist Church
1120 Market Street, Denton, MD 21629 USA
designate as:  For Mission Fund - George Wilson Sweden
pastor's phone: 410-479-2275

Dear friends,

Here I am in Northern Sweden. My friends here in Gunnarn tell my how nice it is that spring is on its way. (But it snowed this afternoon.) Granted, the temperature hovers around freezing. That is certainly warmer than the -25 degrees F that we experienced a few weeks ago. The roads are smooth with ice. Be careful when out walking! I install cleats on the bottoms of my shoes. But there is one thing that is hard to accept. The snow is melting from the sloping roofs. In the case of where I am in the Church apartment, sleeping becomes a challenge. In the middle of my soundest slumber, a pile of snow will descend from the upper roof, onto my porch. That will cause anxiety! Day time hours are almost equal to those of the night now. Less depression.

I have included a picture of my residence below because I have such a hard time with those that don’t believe that I am not in Florida right now. Here is the Church with the roof and the porch that I mentioned before. Notice the large pile of snow between the two windows in the front. It so happens that the men of the Church painted the building this past summer. They never got around to re-installing the fire-escape ladder that should be installed right where that pile of snow now resides. So, I am told that, in the case of an emergency, I am to jump off that porch into that snow pile. You can see the lengths to which these people will go to keep me safe from harm and danger.

I am busy these days. I am preparing Bible studies which will demonstrate how to read the Bible and understand what is written therein. So many here do not have a daily habit of reading the Bible because they just don’t understand what they are reading. There are ways of uncovering the meaning and enjoying it. Love from the Northland,

Love in Christ,

George Wilson

George has produced a new slide show of Gunarm, the area around and the people.
Slide Show of Images from Northern Sweden

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